Tracking Phone Numbers

By Brian Madden on July 27, 2014 0


Know Where Your Customers Got your Phone #!


Our customers don’t buy from us because we have a cool phone number… and almost 100% of our customers do NOT have it memorized. There are times that having a vanity phone number like 1-800-FIREWOOD could work, but that comes at a serious cost… like $500/month to start!

I remember how proud I was when I got my first business number. I thought, “man – what a great number… all of my customers will surely remember it.” Ya right! But for years, I was so darn proud of that number that it’s the only one I plastered over everything.

The problem… I never knew which ads my calls were coming in from. Ya, I tried the old “may I ask where you got our number from” – and most of the time, they’d be able to tell me… WHEN I REMEMBERED TO ASK!

A few years ago, when I found, I gave that up completely. Now, for only $1/month (and ONLY when I use it), I pay them for a tracking phone number.

Here’s how it works. Sign-up for a FREE Callfire account. There you can pick either a local number to you or a toll-free number. There’s a ton of options for how Callfire notifies you of calls like email and/or text.

It’s super simple. Just get a local number. You don’t need a fancy phone system or anything. Inside your Callfire account, you’ll tell them where to send the calls when they come in. So, you can just have them forwarded to like your cell or office line. That’s it!

Now, if you’re going to put an ad in the local newspaper, ValPak, the yellow pages or, my favorite, an Every Door Direct Flyer through the USPS, PUT A UNIQUE TRACKING PHONE NUMBER IN EACH ONE!

Know for sure where your calls are coming in from. Don’t throw you marketing/advertising dollars down the drain. Prove to yourself where your money is best spent. Not knowing where your calls come in from is like placing your hard-earned money into a slot machine… Knowing where your calls come from is like placing your money into a vending machine!