September: $13,091 in 3 Days

By Brian Madden on September 27, 2014 0

SMS Text/Voice Broadcast/Email

Step by Step guidance on EXACTLY how I did this campaign and brought in over $13,091 in just 3 Days!

Hey Guys – as you already know… I LOVE Firewood Marketing. I think the equipment rocks and I love getting out there to saw my butt off, BUT – the real money is in how we sell our product. Just because we sell wood doesn’t mean we can’t make GREAT money doing it. Listen, I’m opening my hood to show you how I do it. It’s not the only way… it’s just how I do it. Let’s help each other earn the living we deserve by busting our butts making wood! It doesn’t matter whether you sell 2 cord per year or 20k cord per year or whether your in New York city or the backwoods of Louisiana… better marketing makes you more money PERIOD! Using some super unconventional methods in the wood industry, here are the results from a 3-day marketing campaign I just did this past weekend.



Here are the EXACT steps I used. Questions? …post them below and I’ll respond so we can all learn together.

  1. I sorted my list of customers by a. Wholesale and b. Retail. I only wanted my campaign going out to my retail customers… that’s where I make money! I did this using MS Excel. It was super easy to just export my list.
  2. I paid a company ( to tell me whether the phone numbers of my retail customers were Land Lines or Cell Numbers. I did this because I only wanted to send the Voice Broadcast to the land lines and only the text message to the cell numbers. The service I use (noted below) will try to send a land line the text message, it’ll fail… and you’ll get charged for it.
  3. I wrote the script for the voice broadcast (get HERE) and hired someone on for $5 to record it for me. Listen to the recording HERE.
  4. I shortened-up my voice broadcast script into a text message. It needs to be 160 characters or less. Here’s what I came up with: click HERE to see the SMS. If you want to get the actual message I sent out, just text the word wood to (440) 220-6804.
  5. Using the voice broadcast script, I changed it up just a little bit to create an email to go out. Since the upcoming weekend forecast was so awesome, I threw a picture of it in there to try and motivate people to order. Click HERE to see what the first email was.
  6. I uploaded my voice broadcast file and the confirmed land line list to an online service @ CallFire. These guys ROCK. I use them for all of my voice and SMS (text) broadcasts. They’re so easy to use and their technical support will walk you right through the entire set-up. Just because my list was so big (almost 7k people) and my office staff is limited, I schedule the call to go out over 2 days. This way, the # of inbound calls that we generated were more spaced out for us to handle.
  7. I uploaded my SMS script and the cell phone numbers to CallFire too. Just like the voice broadcast, I ran these over two days also. The voice broadcast ran in the morning (9:45am local time) and finished just after lunch on both days. The broadcast SMS went out in the afternoon at about 2pm. Again, I purposely timed this so that our office was bombarded with calls all at once. TRUST me, I’ve sent them all out at the same time before… what a mess!!! We just couldn’t keep up with all the calls.
  8. On the second day (Friday), I send the email first email. I use a service by InfusionSoft to manage all of my customer info. Warning, this service is a bit price ($250/month). I would only suggest using it if you’re customer list is pretty darn big (ie… 10k plus). If not, you can easily send out broadcast emails through someone like Mail Chimp or iContact.
  9. My last step was an email reminder that the offer was expiring TODAY (Saturday). I ALWAYS send out an email on the last day of the offer. Sometimes it feels kind of funny because I’ve touched these people a lot over the previous few days – but let me tell you, my biggest rush in sales always seems to come from this last reminder! It’s a real simple one, you can check mine out HERE.

For a PRINTABLE step-by-step guide on how I did this campaign, click HERE.

A few quick notes about this type of a marketing campaign.

  • USE TRACKING PHONE NUMBERS!! I do this on absolutely every single thing I send out (email, newspaper, flyers, text messages, EVERYTHING). CallFire offers you dedicated tracking phone numbers in any area code you want for only a buck (yep, $1) per month. I use a different one for each ad so I can track which works best. They have this really cool “whisper” thing. You tell them which number you want calls to be forwarded to when they call that tracking number. Then, right when you pick up, it’ll tell you which number they’re calling in to. Know your numbers… track everything!
  • Be prepared for a few people to complain. My Grandpa used to always say… “it doesn’t matter whether they talk good bout’cha or bad bout’cha… just as long as their talkin’ bout’cha”. And you know what? He’s right! You just can’t make everyone happy all of the time. It’s that simple. Anyone that calls in to complain or sends us a ‘STOP’ text back, we immediately remove them from our list.
  • People are inundated with BAD marketing messages hundreds of times per day. Don’t abuse your customer list. Things like home and cell phone numbers are so super sensitive. I only do marketing like this about 4 times per year. With the GREAT numbers I get.. I’d like to do it about 4 times a day!!
  • I don’t think (just like me & you) people like to get calls during dinner. I don’t think they want to read our text messages while they’re getting their kids ready for school. I do know, however, that they seem to check their emails first thing in the morning though. I use very simple principles like these to help guide me when I send my stuff out. The goal is to get in front of your target audience at the right time with the right offer… not irritate them. For more on how to design your offer, be sure to check out my 10 Commandments for Direct Response Marketing.

For a PRINTABLE step-by-step guide on how I did this campaign, click HERE.