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ATTENTION NEW ENTREPRENEURS: Don’t waste time on a niche idea that will never bring you profit… Discover now…

How to Uncover Profitable Income
Streams and Verify Right Away Which
Ones Will Make More than Enough
Money To Replace Your Job and Bring
You the Freedom and Control
that You Desire

This 3-Step Formula is the Only Thing Between You
and Online Success — Even if You’re Just Getting Started

Date: February 5, 2015

Only 500 42 Discounted Copies Remain

Would you like to have consistent online income that shows up in your email inbox box daily?

Are you struggling to find an online income stream that you know will make you money?

Are you worried that you’ll waste months (or even years) chasing a niche that will never deliver?

We Understand Because
We’ve Been There

We know what it’s like to yearn for your own dependable source of Internet income.

We know it’s tough to get started when you don’t have a niche idea for your income stream.

Or even if you do have an idea, you don’t want to waste time if it’s a dud that will never pan out.

If you’re stuck because you can’t find the right idea, it’s not your fault.

Most internet “gurus” are teaching the same old “tired” information about using Google keywords to find a profitable niche.

Or they just tell you to follow your passion. That’s horrible advice!

Passion alone is not enough to make a profit.

Since 2003, we’ve launched multiple online income streams and helped over 5000 new entrepreneurs like you to generate internet income.

In fact, many of today’s top internet business experts got started with our training.

“It was you guys that helped give me my start.”

It was you guys that helped give me my start. That when things changed for me, when I could get direct access to you guys.

– Pat Flynn and

Every successful income stream that we’ve launched or helped launch has had the same three ingredients…without exception.

Passion was the first ingredient. But if we ever ignored the other two ingredients, all our time and money amounted to zero… zip.

Every time we mixed all the three ingredients it led to income.

And that is how we came up with the Niche Profit Code™. It’s a 3-step formula for filtering out the duds so that all you have left are the golden niche ideas that will bring you income.

Profitable Niches for the Taking

This is the same formula that our students have used over and over to reveal money-making Internet income streams.

We’ve simplified the process so you can uncover multiple profitable niches fast and get to your first $100 online and more.


  • Finding multiple Internet income streams that you can’t wait to profit from
  • Verifying in just three minutes which ideas will make you money
  • Feeling your confidence soar because you know you have nothing but winners
  • Knowing that your first online income is right around the corner
  • Moving closer to the day you can fire your boss and quit your job

“Jeremy and Jason are DRIVEN
to make you succeed…”

Jeremy and Jason are DRIVEN to make you succeed, they connect the dots better than anyone and love their students. If I had gone through any other competing course, I would not be where I am today.

– Chris Oatley

“Jeremy and Jason are the Real Deal…”

Internet Business Mastery is the first place I go for real advice about making money online. In an industry filled with snake oil salesmen, Jeremy and Jason are the real deal. They speak from experience and know how to teach the skills necessary to make good money on the internet.

– Anna P.
Houston, TX

“There is No Spin … just Pure Strategy & Substance!”

“There is no spin with these guys, just pure strategy & substance!”

– Darren Slaughter
Philadelphia, Pa

The Niche Profit Code™ Reveals…

  1. How to uncover online income streams that you’ll be excited to profit from
  2. How to find out right away if an idea will make you money
  3. The two critical missing ingredients that every niche needs in order to make money
  4. How to reveal hungry online audiences that are ready to buy from you
  5. The only question you need to answer in order to profit on the Internet
  6. And much more…

Instant Access to this
Money-Making Cheat Sheet

You’ll get instant access to…

  • The Niche Profit Code™ Guide
    This straight to the point, 13-page guide reveals the simplest system for uncovering profitable Internet income streams
  • The Niche Profit Code™ Cheat Sheet
    This one-page checklist ensures you get fast results and don’t waste any time

Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t let the size of this one-page cheat sheet and 13-page guide fool you. We’ve invested over 300 hours of our own time and $96,327 of our own money and resources compiling and perfecting this information.

This guide and cheat sheet contains everything you need to discover profitable online income streams.

Why Only $7

You might be thinking, “For $7, how good could this be?” There are four reasons we are selling this report at $7 for a limited time.

  1. We remember what it is like getting started with limited time and money. $7 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It’s not too expensive for any beginning entrepreneur.
  2. At the same time we only want to work with serious beginning entrepreneurs. Anyone who’s not ready to invest $7 into this guide isn’t going to take the time to follow the even a simple cheat sheet.
  3. Anyone who IS serious enough to invest the price two lattes to buy this guide has the opportunity to launch their first online income stream (or multiple income streams).
  4. We look at this as the beginning of an ongoing relationship with you. When you see we can walk the walk, we know you’ll continue to work with us to grow your online income.

So if you’re serious about uncovering profitable niches and making money online click the “Add to Cart Now” button below. If you need to justify the expense, skip two lattes this week and it’s paid for.

Price Today: $97.00 $47.00 $27.00

Today Only $7

or pay via paypal

Want Proof?

Here are what just a few of our students have to say about the results they had as a result of what we teach.

“What Both of You Have Done to Better Many People’s Lives and the World Around You is
Truly Commendable…”

Keep up the great work, I don’t think you guys even realize how positive of an impact you have on countless numbers of people, what both of you have done to better many people’s lives and the world around you is truly commendable.

– Mark M.
Allen, TX

“It has Turned My Ideas Into Reality…”

The Internet Business Mastery podcast has taken me from ZER0 to where I am now. It has turned my ideas into reality and changed the way I do business or even think about business online. From mindset to techniques, it’s all here!

– Michael S. Copeland
Elgin, IL

“A Few Months after That I Had Thousands a Month Coming In”

– Shaun Noonan

Our Double Your
Money Back Guarantee

Risk-Free Trial: Read and use the guide risk-free. If it’s not worth ten times what you invested, just ask for a refund. We’ll immediately give your $7 back.

Double Your Money Back: If you DO what we outline on the cheat sheet and your results aren’t worth what you invested, we’ll refund TWICE your money. All we ask is that you take action.

Simply put, the pressure is on us to deliver value to you. You have nothing to lose, only an opportunity to gain.

Limited Time Discount

This discounted price is only available to the first 500 people who invest in the guide. This is our way of identifying and rewarding new entrepreneurs who are ready to take fast action.

Once we sell 500 guides, the price will go up. If you come back to this page later and see a higher price, that means the charter memberships are sold out.

Only 500 42 Discounted Copies Remain

Get instant to access to The Niche Profit Code™ Guide and Cheat Sheet, click on the Add To Cart button below.

Price Today: $97.00 $47.00 $27.00

Today Only $7

or pay via paypal

Now you have a choice to make.

You can spend over 10 years in the trenches like we have, testing every piece of free information and every so-called opportunity…


You can follow our Niche Profit Code™ cheat sheet that simplifies everything we’ve learned about uncovering profitable online income streams.

A few days from now you could still be trying to piece together free information, hoping that it will work.


You could be well on your way to your first online income by using the same formula as thousands of students before you.

The only thing between you and success is a TINY $7 guide. Get started making money now.

Price Today: $97.00 $47.00 $27.00

Today Only $7

or pay via paypal

-Jeremy & Jason


This guide is about uncovering profitable internet niches quickly. There’s more actionable information in this TINY report than you’ll get reading a hundred free blogs and listening to dozens of free podcasts.


Remember, your investment is 100% covered by our Double Your Money Back Guarantee. You can’t possibly lose money. We’ve made it a no brainer.

Price Today: $97.00 $47.00 $27.00

Today Only $7

or pay via paypal

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