10 Commandments

By Brian Madden on August 29, 2014 0

The 10 Commandments of Direct Response Advertising

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Print these out and hang them next to your computer! Why? …BECAUSE THEY’RE PROVEN TO WORK.

I use these with every-single ad, letter, flyer, etc. that I send out. These bad boys have been used to sell everything from raincoats and neckties to the ShamWow and Vitamix blenders for over 100 years. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.


  1. All your advertising, regardless of media, MUST contain some kind of attention getting headline.
  2. Your ad must contain an irresistible offer that’s irresistible to your prospect (not to you)!
  3. Your advertising must be written in plain, easy to understand, conversational English – as if you were having a friendly chat with your prospect over a cup of coffee. Forget proper grammar or “sounding educated”. Think warm and personable.
  4. Your ad MUST contain a deadline to respond by.
  5. Your ad should contain at least two ways to respond (but no more than three).
  6. Your irresistible offer must contain a reverse risk guarantee.
  7. The ad must contain testimonials that (ideally) overcome a prospect’s objections.
  8. Your ad MUST LOOK DIFFERENT than traditional advertising. The more unusual your advertising looks from everyone else’s, the more attention it will grab and the easier it will be to get your prospect’s attention.
  9. There will always be follow up (sequential pieces mailed or sent)
  10. RESULTS RULE. Period. No matter how cute, how creative, or how ingenious you think your ad is, if it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t work. All marketing and advertising must be RUTHLESSLY TRACKED to determine which activities are bringing you the most sales and any underperformers yanked immediately!